ImageThis is so much fun for the kids. I found this on Pinterest and tried it. What a BIG HIT!!! Use the edible food pens to make the faces and your favorite Hot Chocolate. 

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Sometimes not all FBS starts out fun!

Today was a Beautiful Sunday to be outside. However, I am really watching my money so instead of spending money we stayed home. Of course my son gets bored. It took some thinking on my part but I came up with a plan….

We are going to do a scavenger hunt.

Only there was a twist.

We we hunting for things in the garage.

My main goal was to get the garage cleaned out and this was going to kill two birds with one stone. My son has a great deal of toys that he is no longer using that are stored in the garage and I was determined to get them out of there. We started with something simple….. find a hammer. Once we found a hammer (where it didn’t belong) we would put it where it did belong. Then we moved on to harder things…. lets find your talking stuffed bear. This could only be found by going through bags of stuffed animals. As he would pull them out we separated them into give and keep piles. We kept moving forward trying to find things here and there. It took about 5 hours but it was done. My garage is cleaned out. The car can finally return to it and we have a great collection for PVA (Paralyzed Veterans Assoc). Even though it didnt start out as a “fun” idea it became what we made it…. a great time!

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Baseball Parents this one is for you.

image image      My son has played ball for about 4 years now. I always struggle with getting the clay and grass out of it. The before pics are fresh stains as well as Stains from LAST season- these are his practice pants. I have spent a great deal of money on different products. My latest investment…. $1.00. Yes I said $1.00. This is the before and after pics due to a product called Totally Awesome that I bought at the Dollar Tree. I added some to a sink of warm water (directions on the bottle) for about 10 minutes. Out of habit I took a brush and stated rubbing the stains. To my surprise the stains wiped right off. Then I just threw it in the washer. These are now his GAME DAY pants and I saved enough time to make it to the couch for family movie night!!! WOO HOOO

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Hello World!!!

I have often been asked “How do you do all that you do?” So…. I thought that I would start a blog to be able to share the hints and tricks that I figured out.

I’ll tell you a little bit about me so that you know what my background is. I am an ONLY parent to a very active 8 year old boy. I am surrounded by an amazing “support system” at home. My parents are amazingly supportive with everything. It is difficult, financially, to do all the things we want to do on a single income. I learned, quickly, what humility is and that it is perfectly fine to say NO. I also learned that if you want to take that big Disney trip you have to plan ahead for it. That might means you have to eat at home more that usual, cut back on the “extras”, find the “deals of the week” or give your kids more responsibilities around the house to earn more money towards your trip. I think that teaching your kids about maintaining finances early is a great thing!Image

I hope that this blog will give you helpful ideas to do what I call FBS (Family Bonding Stuff) that wont break the bank but will build memories that are priceless! I will also throw in ideas that will help you with your household “chores” so that you minimize your time on those things and you will be able to MAXIMIZE your family time. Everyone has their “secrets” but I am NOT KEEPING MINE ANY LONGER!!!!

I hope that you enjoy this blog and please let me know the ideas you have and I will gladly incorporate them into my blog.

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